UK Top Cop Warns Police Cuts May Cause Disorder

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Bigcountry02, Sep 14, 2010.

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    This is not good for the UK and the cities in the states are doing the same because of their reckless spending habits. In the article he said the amount of the cuts was a speculation. Looks like they are on pins and needles until the spending review reports comes back in October.

    Police Cuts: Derek Barnett Of Police Superintendents' Association Warns Of Disorder On Streets | UK News | Sky News

    Chief Superintendent Derek Barnett is set to urge Home Secretary Theresa May not to make any mistakes as she oversees the most radical policing reform in 50 years.

    Amid fears that 40,000 officers' jobs could go as part of a drive to shave 25% off the cost of policing, Mr Barnett will warn that it "is a fundamental duty of Government to ensure the security of the nation".

    "If you do cut police funding too severely there will be some consequences."
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    its the same old liberl/socialist saw. threaten the public with cutting the services that the government is actually SUPPOSED to provide so they can continue to spend on things they have no business doing. in my way of thinking: let em actually do it. force their hand stop knuckling under to socialist.

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    Quoted for truth.
  4. "it is the fundamental responibility of government to protect its people" :mad:
    its my resposibility to protect myself and i will do a better job than anyone who isnt me
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    JonM, you nailed it exactly.
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    That was a short thread!! :D

    Threaten the public with loss of perceived safety to bolster support for new taxes to maintain the status quo!
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    hey, I say let em do it. I will feel bad for the families of the officers who are now without an income (assuming their income is the main source of the family) but hey the people who are responsible and focus on the safety of their family by arming themselves will be fine. The only people who need worry are the libtards who don't arm themselves. Also, the people who they will need protection from are criminals who are likely also liberals. It's funny how people who commit crimes are often liberals (democrat in America) and also the same people who vote for gun control so the regular joes can't protect themselves. Just my observations.
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    What are they supposed to arm themselves with? This is the UK we are talking about. They HAVE NO handguns.