UK awash in guns!

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    And yet, firearm-related fatalities are declining. How can that be? :confused:

    The Information: Britain’s legally held firearms


    By Simon Briscoe

    Published: May 21 2010 23:25 | Last updated: May 21 2010 23:25

    One target that the outgoing Labour government did not set itself was to increase the number of privately owned firearms. Yet at 138,000, the number of firearm certificates currently held by the British public is higher than at any point since the mid-1990s, following an 8 per cent increase in 2008/09.

    The number of weapons covered – a certificate can cover more than one firearm – is also at a new high, of more than 430,000. This equates to one gun for every 100 people. Britain’s 1 million shotguns are licensed under separate certificates, and when these are included, it works out to about one weapon for every 25 adults.

    The trend is surprising given the crackdown that followed the Dunblane massacre in 1996, when Thomas Hamilton, a former scout leader, shot and killed 16 children and their teacher with a legally held weapon. The murders led to the 1997 Firearms Act, which virtually banned the private ownership of handguns. Even the British shooting team has been forced to train off the mainland.

    Despite the rise in ownership, however, the likelihood of being shot does not seem to have risen. The number of crimes in which a firearm is used has been on a five-year downward trend. Indeed, the 39 gun-related fatalities in 2008/09 represent the lowest total for 20 years.

    Source: Home Office / Magazine - The Information: Britain
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    More guns = less crime? Who'd of thought? :D