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    Checked out the threads previously, and the one I was interested in was closed. So please forgive me for bringing up the subject again. However -

    I have a Sterling Arms .22LR. Can't find a model # on it anywhere (serial #=Yes), and I figuerd out how to break it down for cleaning. Obviously, it had never been done, as there was a lot of powder crud (but no rust) inside. I cleaned and oiled the piece, and put it back together (correctly, I thought). However, now it will not cock - I can't dry-fire it; when I pull the slide back, the firing pin is fully exposed, and when the slide closes, pulling the trigger does not release the pin/no "click".

    Here's the sequence: pushed the small button on the left side of the pistol, just above and to the right of the grip. The "figure 8" release on the back pops out. Pulled the slide back slightly and lifted up and the slide came off. The firing pin and spring are in a small groove in the top of the slide. I THINK - that the firing pin and spring were the only parts that came out of the slide (nothing left on the bench). I was careful in removing the spring, noting which end went on the pin first, so as not to reverse it. Cleaned off the pin, the spring and the slide, including the face that has the pin hole, and re-assembled. Cleaned and lubed the rest (barrel, barrel spring, interior and re-assembled everything.

    I understand that someone up here has the diagrams for this pistol that can be e-mailed. If so, I'd love a copy of these prints. The gun is in fairly good shape, and the break-down was simple, so I must've put something back together wrong. I don't think I should see the exposed firing pin when I rack the slide back, so something isn't catching right.

    You can e-mail me at gpbarth@cfl.rr.com
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