Uberti Colt Walker Advise, Please

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    I let me son borrow my Uberti Walker and he brought it back clean and shining. So I put it away for a while and when I went to use it the next time I found the cylinder would not rotate. I asked if he had cleaned the base pin and bore and got, "Oops" as an answer.

    It appears as if the cylinder and base pin are now one! I removed the barrel and propped the gun up in its loading fixture which keeps the cylinder facing the vertical and have been applying penetrating oil to the base pin. After three weeks, no luck. I have also tried forcing the cylinder forward using two small brass wedges between the frame and cylinder, still no luck.

    I was going to drop it off with a gunsmith, but all of the local guys are at least a month out. Any suggestions????

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    you might try to heat it with propane torch.just hot enuf to burn fingers.no more.put two pins in cylinder and twist with wrench.:rolleyes:
    I would lend my wife berore my guns.
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    Keep it soaked with penetrating oil for about a week before even THINKING about trying to move/remove it. Then you can use brass punches in the cylinder holes to remove it.