Uberti Cattleman Mainspring

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    Hello All:

    New to this forum, but I have a question for anyone who knows anything about the Uberti Cattleman.

    I have one I bought used last year at a local gun shop, and have really enjoyed shooting it. It's a 44 magnum, 6" barrel. After I cleaned it a couple of weeks ago, I was cycling the cylinder by pulling the hammer back, lowering the hammer, and repeating, and on one of the pulling back motions, all of a sudden something snapped. It was the mainspring.

    I ordered a new one online from Numrich and installed it today. I was amazed! The amount of pull required to cock the hammer now is so much easier (some folks that have shot this gun in the past had to use two hands to cock it), and the trigger is so much lighter.

    The place where the old spring broke was very strange - about 1/8" above the screw that secures it.

    Also, it was obvious that someone had been into this gun in the past - you could tell by the screw heads. Perhaps when the gun shop I bought it from took it in, it was broken.

    So my question is - could the spring that broke have been the wrong spring for this gun? Or, was it just defective? After seeing how the action operates with the spring, I am puzzled as to why the old one broke - AND, why it was SO HARD to cock. I'm very pleased with the way it feels now and can't wait to take it to the range.

    Thanks for any answers.