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It's a shame that Outers has discontinued their Foul Out bore cleaning product. I'm not sure if they are going to keep on selling the chemicals to accommodate those who previously bought the Foul Out product. I wrote them back in December when I was wanting to get one and found they'd been discontinued and the reply I received stated the reason for the discontinuance was that the product was a poor seller. I replied back that I'd never heard of this product until I saw it mentioned in a posting on a gun forum that week, and that if a product that works as well as this one reportedly does is suffering from poor sales then its the fault of their chief marketing officer who must have had his head up his *** since the time they first introduced this product because no one I know had ever heard about it or seen any advertising about it.

Honestly, if I had the funding I'd like to buy the patent to this product and have it produced and heavily advertised. I think if it is properly promoted then it would be a major seller. The time and effort this product apparently saves you when cleaning lead out of your bore makes it a must have for your cleaning bench.
The reason they dont sell well is because deleading patches work great for a fraction of the cost and hassle.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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