U.S Optic vs Nightforce

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    I have narrowed my choices down to two scopes

    U.S. Optics MR-10 T-PAL 1.8-10x 37mm

    Nightforce NXS F1 3.5-15x50

    I will be using the scope for paper targets between 100-500 yards, as well as hunting a few times a year.

    Which scope would you pick and why ?
  2. JonM

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    Both are excellent choices and will do what your looking for.

    The difference is pretty much features and intended role. The usoptic is more of a dmr optic for a semi auto 308 or ar15 where the user may need a more close range quicker type shot hence the 1.8x.

    The nightforce is more of a purpose built bolt action type precision optic out to 1000 yards where quick shots at longer range on faster moving targets may be needed.

    Both would make decent hunting optics as in hitting the target but they weigh a lot.

    My wife took my 3.5-15 nxs f1 for her savage 308. Simply an outstanding optic and she won't give it back. I've handled a us optics, not that exact model, but I prefer the nightforceby a bit.

    One of the things that bugs me about usoptics are the huge wheels they use for knobs. They really get in the way. Pretty much why I haven't added one to the safe

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    Just personal preference, but I'd get the Night Force.:)