U.S. Model 1842 pistol?

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    Hey gang! Well today at a gun show nearby, I spotted a U.S. Model 1842 percussion single shot black powder pistol that one of the dealers was selling for $850. The gun appeared to be in good shape, though it was in a glass case and I didn't stop to check it out. I have researched this gun before, and have sort of wanted one for some reason. I think it is really neat!

    Anyway, the thing looked pretty good on the outside, but I didn't check the internals or anything. I sort of just passed it over and wish I would have stopped and asked to see it. I really want it now!!! I checked online and Dixie Gun Works has a couple of these for sale, both for around the same $850 price point. Here is one of them:


    Well my question is: would this gun be safe to shoot? If I were to spring for one of these, I'd want to shoot the thing and shoot it fairly often. I have half a heart to go back to the dealer tomorrow and ask to inspect the gun, but I feel I might be wasting my time and money buy laying down $850 on a display piece. I am not a collector, but am seriously intrigued in the history of 19th century gun like this, and also the shooting of them.

    Also, does anyone know much about the history of the Model 1842 pistol? I understand it was used by the military before the Colt revolvers stepped in, anybody have any recommendations on literature or where to learn about this gun and it's service?

    Thanks for your time and help! :D