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    Brooklyn , New York , 1 dead , 46 arrested , Martial Law..? So , is this a test of tactical strategies against the masses.? I've been attentive as to what's going on . Looking for my own "Flags" and what these events mean.
    Seems like a blat-en show of force and a disregard of the First Amendment , (FREE SPEECH)..!

    This also points to the eradication of the entire Constitution.! When they violate the 4th Amendment , will it be time to stand or lye down .?

    There's History to be made and the eyes and ears of the world are , with anticipation , upon us..!
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    Shouldn't this be in conspiracy?????

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    You think everything that doesn't show undying loyalty and blind trust to the government is a conspiracy.

    It probably belongs more in the legal/activism forum, but it does no harm in the clubhouse.

    Discussion of current events isn't always conspiracy. It's CURRENT EVENTS.
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  4. dango

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    I think you might have a point there. Sorry , woke-up cross-eyed.! Guess they need to re-boot my IV bag , "Oh nurse beast , a request"..!

    I am not putting down nurses here , only the ones that have hairy arms and a better mu-stash than me , EeeeeeK..! It tickles.!
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    I by choice , tend to let things roll off . The sins of the one for the betterment of the whole..! It's in one ear and out the other , I see it , but don't dwell.!

    I would be at times the "FOOT IN MOUTH KING" .! Don't take me or anything I say to heart.! Any rebut-tel will be taken "Lightly" and not to heart.!

    I am large enough to be small..! <--? Whaaaaat..? (SMILE)

    PS: A LEO<-(LION) Not police , perhaps ? I , a humble "Drunken Monkey".! LOL
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    Whole story is a he said... He said.

    Teen pulls gun on cops... Teen gets shot... Teen dies... 3 days of Riots culminate in 46 arrests...

    Dead Teen was Black
    Two Cops were Black and Hispanic

    Sounds like legitimate LEO activity to me... And HOORAY... the NYPD finally managed to take down a perp WITHOUT hitting any bystanders! :)

  7. dango

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    He said , She said , They said..! Exactly , what to believe..?
    In my youth , the "Kool-Aid" was shoved down my throat and I didn't like it then
    , I don't much like it now.!

    Any thing to do with "control issues" , I have questions..! I've been lied to too many times. I see one dead , 46 arrested and I ask why..? Why did events lead to such an ending..?

    Human nature , You can not piss off the masses and not expect to have conflicts ..! They , <-- (THEY..??) , seem a little too prepared for confrontation.
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    It is the job of the police, most especially the job of the police in a city with one of the highest population densities in America, to be prepared for confrontation (people who shoot at the police) and civil disturbance (people who throw rocks at the police because they don't like the fact that a criminal was shot for shooting at the police). I wouldn't both paying them if they weren't prepared to shoot people who are shooting at them or arresting rioters.

    1A doesn't mean you can say anything you want.

    2A doesn't mean you can have your own stockpile of nuclear weapons.

    FYI, NYPD already violates 4A (habeas corpus), has for some time now, and that policy (stop and frisk anyone they want, at any time, for any reason or no reason at all) should be struck down by the NY judiciary post-haste.