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    I haven't been to the state fair in a few years,so yesterday my best friend along with his wife,daughter and myself went.
    Now I know why I hate going. $20 to park,walk about a mile to the gate,$15 to get into the fair,stand in a mile long line to buy coupons in order to buy food,drinks,etc..
    It was very crowded for a Monday afternoon,but it was Columbus day after all.
    We walked around and looked at a lot of stuff,bought some coupons for food.
    $15 for 30 coupons= 2-Flecthers Corn dogs and 1 Beer! Hell,I could have had a nice steak dinner at a real restaurant.

    What has happened to this great country? It shouldn't cost so much to go to an event like a state fair.
    I had fun,but this is probably my last time to go.

    Anyone else think the same about how much it cost to go to a public event?