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    So I finally did it, I finally left the AWFUL STATE of New York for the greener (and gun friendlier) pastures of Central Texas. I moved here with only one contact and almost no job perspectives (i leaped before i looked but I dont regret it) I finally found a job at a call center here and started on friday, during my arduous 8 hour orientation They went on to very strenuously say weapons arent allowed on the premises, I asked them what was the definition of the "premises" I understand them not wanting me to Conceal carry in work and respect that BUT I conceal carry every day now and when I come across areas I cant I have a dedicated pistol safe bolted into my trunk. They told me vehicle storage was prohibited and I would have to leave my EDC at home. I'm not up on TX law 100% but I was under the impression that an employer wasnt allowed to stop you from vehicle storing as long as you dont bring it inside the building. I would love some clarification since my google-fu brought up a host of answers for different states but not TX.
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    In addition I didnt sign anything claiming they were allowed to search my vehicle at will so i dont see how they could enforce that rule

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    Look up "Texas Law Shield" in you're search engine.I believe you will find the answer you are looking for in there.I live in Fl. so I couldn't be 100%.We have the right to keep a firearm in our personal "conveyance".However if said employer finds out and has an anti gun policy they may terminate said position.Very rare case scenario but it has happened here.Couldn't say about Texas.
    My company has a policy that we as employees may not carry at work.However abide by State guidelines concerning our right to keep our firearm in our vehicle.
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    Thanks for the google fodder that should help narrow my search field
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    And look up the word "CONCEALED!:D They have no right to look in your glove box, or the little kiddy's "Superman" lunch box on the seat beside the driver.

    Before it was legal, I got a zipper case to carry my weapon on the seat when traveling, and used some white adhesive tape to make a cross on the front. Never had anyone look inside my "bible."
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    Remember, Texas is a "right to work" State. This means it is also a "right to fire your butt for just about anything" State.
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    dont ask dont TALK
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    I also am in Florida, and believe that the company I work for cannot fire me for a locked up gun in my car. However as others have said, it is a "Right to Work" state, and they can fire me for something else. Shirt not tucked in. Hair not combed. They don't like my smile.

    I would just keep my mouth shut, tell no one you have it, lock it up and go to work.
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    You say that you conceal carry everyday. Does that mean you have taken the Texas CHL course and gotten your permit? If you did, your instructor should be a good source. If I remember correctly, the parking lot of any business is not considered under the control of that business and therefore they cannot restrict you from carrying in your locked car. I am not entirely sure on that so I will look up the statues for you. In the meantime, go to handgunlaw.us
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    Ok. Here is what I have directly from the source, the Texas penal codes relating to weapons. PENAL CODE

    P.E. 46.035 (f)
    (3)A"Premises" means a building or a portion of a
    building. The term does not include any public or private driveway,
    street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, parking garage, or other
    parking area.

    Also to note how ANY business can prohibit you from carrying a firearm into their place even if you are licensed. They may post a sign and it has to follow the exact wording, be in english and spanish, and must look a certain way. A "no guns" sign has no force of law in Texas, although you would be hard pressed to find one.
    Sec. 30.06. TRESPASS BY HOLDER OF LICENSE TO CARRY CONCEALED HANDGUN. (a) A license holder commits an offense if the license holder:

    (1) carries a handgun under the authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, on property of another without effective consent; and

    (2) received notice that:

    (A) entry on the property by a license holder with a concealed handgun was forbidden; or

    (B) remaining on the property with a concealed handgun was forbidden and failed to depart.

    (b) For purposes of this section, a person receives notice if the owner of the property or someone with apparent authority to act for the owner provides notice to the person by oral or written communication.

    (c) In this section:

    (1) "Entry" has the meaning assigned by Section 30.05(b).

    (2) "License holder" has the meaning assigned by Section 46.035(f).

    (3) "Written communication" means:

    (A) a card or other document on which is written language identical to the following: "Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by holder of license to carry a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (concealed handgun law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun"; or

    (B) a sign posted on the property that:

    (i) includes the language described by Paragraph (A) in both English and Spanish;

    (ii) appears in contrasting colors with block letters at least one inch in height; and

    (iii) is displayed in a conspicuous manner clearly visible to the public.

    (d) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.

    (e) It is an exception to the application of this section that the property on which the license holder carries a handgun is owned or leased by a governmental entity and is not a premises or other place on which the license holder is prohibited from carrying the handgun under Section 46.03 or 46.035.

    Lastly, you should already know this but you CANNOT carry into a bar or anyplace that derives 51% or more of their income from the sell or service of alcohol FOR on premises consumption. So yes you can carry into a liquor store. Also it is illegal to carry if you have had even one drop of alcohol.

    If you have any more questions about your right, please contact a lawyer as nobody on here can give you legal advice. I try to do my best to find and present the law as I read it in the statues but everyone should read the laws themselves.
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    Oh, one last thing. If your employer provides you with a vehicle (i.e. they own it and just let you use it) then under the law they have EVERY right to deny you the ability to carry and store a firearm in it, although this does not sound like your case.