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I’ve done some assessing of a couple of my favorite pistols and decided to sell them. I wanted to focus on more CC options or dual purpose CC range gun style pistols, my XDM Compact excels at that and that’s one I’ll keep. So… 92FS goes to a new owner tomorrow. The next up will be my P229 SCT, it’s in beautiful shape and it’s a favorite, so I’ll hold out for the right price….I’m not wealthy, so something has to go. These two guns are awesome hunks of precision iron…I’m going to miss them. I really want a USP Compact and I don't think there's a single one in the state of Minnesota. I'll be waiting patiently for one to come my way.

So far..

To replace them, my wife and I bought a couple of Rugers this week. The LCR .357 is mine and thrills the heck out me…I’ve always wanted a Edward G. Robinson / James Cagney snub nosed detective style revolver..”yoou dirty ratt!” :D

The LC9 is my wife’s and we picked that up just tonight. If the weather holds up we will shoot a few rounds tomorrow with both of these handguns.

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