Two old .22's Which one?

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  1. davejr

    davejr New Member

    Guys, I found two old guns in really good condition, both are $99. The first one is a Springfield J Stevens 87a semi. The second is a Ranger 103-13. They are both tube fed but the Springfield is a semi and the Ranger is a bolt action. I know nothing about either rifles and would rather buy the gun that is harder to find. I will shoot either at the range for fun. Thanks.
  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Dave- the Ranger is the Sears version of a Marlin 81. There were more Marlins made.

    You may also want to consider the availability of parts for the time when something breaks. You will not be about to find some of the parts for the Stevens. However, both are decent rifles.

  3. davejr

    davejr New Member

    Thanks for the good information C3shooter. Should I pass on both of them and just keep shooting my Remington 514 single shot bolt action? I was hoping to add a semi or tube fed .22 that I could shoot at the range. I was thinking about adding a scope for longer shots.
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  4. Werminator

    Werminator Member

    Isay buy em both... Never a bad thing to have an extra gun around IMHO!
  5. davejr

    davejr New Member

    I would but I just spent $200 on a mid 80's Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 gauge that is so much fun to shoot.

  6. hiwall

    hiwall Well-Known Member

    I would wait. While c3shooter says they are decent guns( and I kinda agree) I firmly believe there are many older 22's that would be better choices at about that price. Yes I've had both of these in the past(but have neither at this time). But keep in mind that all of us have biases for or against guns that sometimes are not deserved. Savage/Stevens made an awful lot of those autos, but I never liked them(I did work on a lot of them).
  7. dteed4094

    dteed4094 Member

    I have had the Stevens, Not that great of a shooter but I do like Stevens rifles just not that particular one. I have the Ranger And it is a good shooter. A lot less to go wrong with it. Talk the guy down about $20 or $25.
  8. davejr

    davejr New Member

    Thanks for all the good advice guys!
  9. Jeff56

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    Stevens was never known for making good semi-autos AFAIK. I've never seen one I liked anyway. They have made some great bolt action rifles though. I have one from the early 50's that shoots as well as any rimfire I own and I have some pretty nice .22's. Older Marlins are pretty decent. I'd probably get the Ranger even though sometimes guns made for retailers and rebranded are sometimes not as good as name brand stuff. But to be honest I think that was more of a Savage problem than a Marlin problem both of which made lots of guns to be sold by retailers.
  10. Bigdog57

    Bigdog57 New Member

    I have both.
    My Springfield 87A (Savage/Stevens/Springfield are all the same for these models) is an excellent shooter - puts my 2000-era Ruger 10-22 to shame. Very reliable too. Any good gunsmith can fix any problems, and Numrich carries most all the parts.

    My Marlin 80DL is the box magazine version of your Ranger/Marlin 81. Good shooter, not great. Totally reliable too - not much to go wrong.

    For $99, either is a good buy, if in good condition. Here, any working .22 rifle starts at $150 and up inthe gun&pawn shops.

    I like the older twentytwo rifles..... have 30+ rimfies at last count. But, the day of the "50 dollar twentytwo rifle" is gone, so my collecting has slowed. ;)
  11. big shrek

    big shrek Well-Known Member

    If the Ranger has a rear peep sight and hood on front, it's more collectable :)

    If not, heck of a shooter anyway, slap a Williams FP on it and tear up some X-rings :)
  12. rbmorris

    rbmorris New Member

    Stevens/springfield 87a is the same as a Savage 6a. Keep it clean, keep the firing mechanism screws tight, And run 40 grain .22LR and they can be reliable. Even good 36 grain mini mags will sometimes fail to cycle the action and that is the biggest cause of miss feeds. The bolt will lock closed as well as open allowing you to shoot it like a bolt action repeater. (required for .22 long or .22 short) Long barrel and are usually VERY accurate. Scope mounting can be an issue if there isn't one already on it, but midway usa has a mount which is supposed to work. I happen to like the iron sights, which has a brass button on the front sight. Numrich has almost everything to build an entire gun. Almost.
  13. Hawg

    Hawg Active Member

    I've got a Stevens 87B and it's an awsum shooter. It shoots Federal bulk ok but will hang up with them once in a while but it rocks with CCI mini mags.