Two More Aussie Heroes

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    May God Welcome them to heaven and watch over there Family's

    AN Australian SAS soldier has been shot and killed by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, Defence boss Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston said tonight.

    The soldier was on patrol when he was severely wounded by small-arms fire from Taliban fighters.

    "A coalition helicopter immediately responded to a call for assistance from the Australian patrol and evacuated the soldier to a nearby medical facility,'' Air Chief Marshal Houston said.

    "Unfortunately despite the best efforts of his mates and the aeromedical team the soldier succumbed to his wounds.''

    His family had been informed.

    No other Australian troops were injured in the incident.

    Air Chief Marshal Houston said it was tragic day for the ADF.

    The defence department said Australian troops had been involved in a "significant incident'' in Oruzgan province earlier today that resulted in the soldier's death.

    It follows the death of Trooper David Pearce, who was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan on October 8.

    The shooting occurred in southern Afghanistan's Oruzgan province earlier today.

    It follows the death of Trooper David Pearce, who was killed by a roadside bomb on October 8, also in Oruzgan province.

    Air Chief Marshal Houston said the defence force was doing everything it possibly could to support the family of the soldier and his mates in Afghanistan.

    Personal details of the soldier involved were not immediately released at the request of his family.

    "We have recently informed the soldier's family and are doing everything we can to assist and support them through this very difficult time.''

    Further details of the operation would not be released as it was ongoing at this time, he said.
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    This is sad news. May they be at peace and may their families be comforted.

    Aussies have been a steadfast ally to the United States through many conflicts. We should all be grateful to them.

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    Every nite I pray for our young men and women, and those of our alies. They are there keeping those who want all non muslems dead or inslaved. We can fight them there or wait untill they come to us. I ask everyone who reads this to keep these brave young people in your prayers, and their familys.
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    God bless the Aussies in their support of the free world in helping fight the good fight. I know they had a significant continigent in Vietnam. Most Americans do not know how much Australia has contribited to our efforts over the years.


    Two More Aussie heros!

    Hell all, Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    I am saddened and morn the loss of two more Hero's! I always have had a begrugning respect for Aussies, Kewies and so amy others that stand with us in all our struggles! I hope all the best for the families of the lost and Hope that in some way, thier loved ones getting home, back to them gives them some small comfort? I will say a prayer for more of my brothers lost in action!