Two Guns Of The Same Set Up ?

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    As I have always, I've been practicing my draw with my ccw's. I have carried numerous variants of pistols and revolvers. I currently carry a Kahr CW40 when I'm not at work. If I'm am working, I can NOT let my weapon be seen for several reasons. Therefore, I have a little 25acp by F.I.E. with a clip draw that I put right on my hip with a tucked in polo shirt and stick my phone case over it. To be perfectly honest, I've forgotten about it being there too many times due to the small size. But as I carry a D/A 40 and a S/A 25,I have noticed that I tend to mess up on my draw. Expecting a gripable sized gun and finding my self digging to pull a little pocket rocket from the hip is an issue. I seriously think the 25 is just simply too small for me. Also there's the fact that I'm used to pulling out my D/A no safety pistol with 7 rounds before a reload is needed, and I find myself forgetting to cock the hammer on the mouse piece, that holds 8, before fire ready. My question is this. I'm looking at changing my inventory again and am thinking two things. One: I will get something bigger than my 25, I am fond of the Sig P-238. And two: shouldn't I get my primary carry and back up, or carry when I can't carry guns of the same set up and same action? Also, I'm looking at the Colt Defender. With these two, I get good, durable, reliable, accurate, firearms that are essentially the same except overall size and caliber. Also give me your opinions on the two weapons I've listed please. Thank you for your. help.

    Colt Defender 1911 compact in 45 acp
    Sig Sauer P-238 sub-compact in 380acp

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    I'm not familiar with the Colt Defender, but I have a friend who has a Sig P238. He is well pleased with it and practices regularly. It is not "tiny", but if carried with careful selection of clothing, it can go unnoticed. A Kel-Tek P3AT is a little smaller, although not the quality of the Sig.

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    Seems like a nice combination that'll give you what you're looking for. By most accounts, two excellent guns. I've heard mixed reviews about the accuracy of the Colt...or more specifically, people's ability to be accurate with a 3" 45acp. I've yet to shoot one myself. But anyway, it might be a good idea to shoot one a bit to see how it works for you (if you haven't already).

    If for some reason the Colt is difficult to shoot as precisely as you'd like, you don't have to deviate much from the plan. The Colt Defender and SA EMP are both available in 9mm, or you can just step up to a 4" 1911 Commander 45acp.
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    I am someone who definitely appreciates having multiple carry guns of the same platform, but different sizes for different needs. I went through my 1911 carry phase during which I carried almost the exact pairing you suggest.

    I have returned to Kahr because I don't want to mess with a safety. The Kahr trigger is a long DAO and pretty effective as a safety as long as I am aware of the trigger guard. I carry a P380 (even smaller than Sig P238), PM45, and a CW45. They are all different sizes, but the exact same trigger and configuration.

    I think minimizing the variables is important for me!