Two Aliens

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    Don’t remember if I posted this joke before or not. OH well some may still like it.

    Two aliens landed at a deserted gas station in the Arizona desert, getting out of their space craft they walked up to the gas pumps still standing there and one said, “Earthling we come in peace, take up to your leader”

    There being no response from the gas pump the Alien said, “earthling we come in peace take us to your leader” No response from the gas pump.

    The alien was getting mad and pulled his ray gun and pointed it at the gas pump and said, “if you do not take us to your leader I will shoot you” No response back.

    The alien raised his ray gun to fire and his buddy yelled, “stop don’t shoot” but to late the alien fired and hit the gas pump and it exploded with a huge fireball knocking them both back 100 feet.

    When they came to the alien said to the other one, “These earthlings are vicious creatures how did you know they were so mean”? The other one said, “One thing I have learned in my travels through out the galaxy is that when someone can wrap their tally whacker around themselves twice and stick the end of it in his ear you don’t mess with them”
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    Maybe I'm dumb but I had to read that twice. That was great :D