"Twist" or "Damascus" barrels

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    There was another thread discussing gun manufacture in the 1800s- rather than hijack that, thought I would start another.

    Disclaimer- I am NOT an expert on these- do not claim to be, do not want to be. Having said that, if you have heard the term, but do not really understand it-

    At one time, barrels were made by heating and twisting wires/ strips of metal, and hammer forging them around a mandrel (a rod). And yes, like anything else, there were varying degrees of quality in this process. Bottom line- the thousands of welds were subject to failure when subject to years of corrosion from black powder, subject to failure when exposed to higher pressures of smokeless powder. Some were better quality, and would stand up better than others.

    Myself- I will not shoot a Damascus barreled gun. The price of a failure is simply too great. Some folks still shoot better quality European Damascus style guns. Their choice.

    However, I ran across a rather good article on the variants in making these barrels, with good pictures that illustrate the process, AND show what the finished works of art look like. For your edification and viewing pleasure......