Twinkies for guns and cash!

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by zombiehunter, Nov 19, 2012.

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    An awesome post on backpage Las Vegas.

    It says this guy will trade this unopened box of twinkles for a Barrett or a 24k gold hi point in .45 acp with diamond inlays on the grip plus cash on top of it. For his "cream filled hard to find submarines"


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    I think he better hurry and make the trade! A Judge ordered the Company and the Bakers Union to go back to the table today. Of course the Teamsters had already agreed to settle to keep the people at work before the Bakers Union advised they would not settle last week. The News tonight also advised there is at least three companies that wants to buy Hostess and the Twinkies along with all their other prduct line.
    So either way looks like we will still have Twinkies! Hope the unions do not screw this up. Today on the news they advised the unions were going after Wal-Mart and one other major business. That is all we need lets have some more people out of work. From the past when they tried to unionize Wal-mart they just simply shut the store down. At a time like this it is not the time to be playing games with peoples welfare! Exactly like the deal at Hostess only Wal-Mart is not asking for payroll concessions? Of course Obama Care is going to have a major impact of employer and individuals as well. Less cost to us? BS! Only taxing the ritch and not the middle class? Again BS!


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    Exactly. ...........