TV opportunity – from the makers of Discovery’s Gold Rush

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    I work for the TV production company Raw TV – we are the makers of the hit Discovery show Gold Rush Alaska (Fridays 10PM E/P) that follows a group of men from Portland as they risk it all to mine for gold.

    We are currently searching for individuals to take part in our next exciting network TV series ‘Pioneers’. We are looking for American families who are considering starting new lives for themselves in the great American wilderness and are willing to be followed throughout their experiences by our cameras.

    Have you always dreamed of making a new life for your family in the wilderness, away from bureaucracy and the rat race? Have you and your friends been talking about starting a new community with your own rules? Or are you already living in a community away from society?

    If you answer yes to any of these, or know someone who would – we would love to hear from you.
    Please email your contact details and your story to

    Thanks so much for your time,


    Raw TV
  2. cpttango30

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    I sure hope it is better than Gold Rush. Them boys make humans look STUPID... Thanks for doing all that you do in putting that CRAP out on the market.

    Really who is going to sleep out side in grizzle country without a FIREARM? STUPID STUPID STUPID..... I am sure your next show would be just as stupid.....

  3. billdeserthills

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    I'd like to know where you get off saying it is a Hit TV Show?
  4. bkt

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    The Gold Rush guys are idiots. That much was made clear in the teaser commercials that aired before the pilot did. Subsequent clips from other episodes only confirmed it.

    That said, what is being offered is enticing. The only thing is, if I want to get away from it all, I don't want a camera crew around and I don't want the whole world knowing where I am. Just sayin'.
  5. JonM

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    well i for one find gold rush hilarious watching that disaster of a group. i dont like that flying alaska there isnt anyone in it thats really stupid. im just the sort that likes watching real side show freaks go about business.

    why dont you follow a group of hardcore leftists who hate guns and eating meat become pioneers. THAT would be worth watching.
  6. cpttango30

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    Now that would be good tv.

    Watch today as Flower and Pepper get in a fight and Salt has to break it up but Starchild doesn't like it at all and leaves the group to find his way with the animals.

    Watch next week as Starchild is eaten by bears......
  7. Yunus

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    Exactly my thoughts. Who wants to get away from society and start a new life only to be followed by society in their new life?
  8. m72law

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    Gold Rush? about Gun Rush:cool:

    a show about your company giving ''me" 1M in GOLD;) to buy,try,& review on all the big name brand guns,thats out there?

    it could work:D
  9. orangello

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    I have found your Gold Rush show very entertaining. I congratulate you on your success with that show. I think the flaws of the characters have added to the entertainment value for me.
  10. Scratchammo

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    Hmmm..... Can you have a horse?