Turtle Wax

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    Protecting tools can be a problem where there are significant temperature differences bringing about condensation and we try to keep a few tools in our trucks. Knives and other high carbon tools are especially susceptible to oxidation (rusting). All fights with rusting, we eventually lose. Paint helps delay the fight and a good coat (or more) of automotive auto wax really helps things like knives that we don't want to paint from oxidation.

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    Many years ago at the old Pomona Gun Show there was a guy selling gunwax. It was carnauba based and he used it on all his guns. He had a barrel of water and would submerge his rifles in the water, then pull them out. All the water beaded off instantly.

    He described it as the same concept as car wax.

    I have thought about it many times over the years, and thought it was a great idea.