Turmoil in Egypt

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    After watching FOX News this morning I just could not get over once again how stupid people Like Hillary and her bunch think we are! The whole mid-east is about to explode.
    And the situation in Egypt is presented as now a move for establishing a Democracy in Egypt! Are they kidding! Why do you think the the total overthrow of the government there was supported by the Islamic Extremists. You bet they want a democratic type vote! How long do you think it is going to take to either elect those groups into power or turn the country into an all out war. I am not saying the present government was good at all. But they will look like choir boys by the time it ends up. Not to mention if the Islamic extremest continue. What do you think is going to happen to our US Oil supply and the cost. Even if we get any supply to speak of. Could there be an alternative motive on the part of al qaida and the Islamic Extremists! Down the road I think it is a very well orchestrated plan. Back to my Crusade Wars issue in a past post. We better start tapping into all of the oil available in the USA and throw the tree huggers out to the dogs. I am not for anti conservation. But when it comes to the betterment and survival of our Country "Lets Drill". And of course there are the politicians in Washington that are making millions from foreign oil each year. Since most are self serving why would they want to drill in Alaska and other locations. S---w the American people! I am getting rich! We have more oil in the US than they do over in the sand box. We better get busy because they are almost ready to totally control our economy or just plain trash the USA. I believe *That is the Plan!! That is my soap box speech for today!
    God Bless America!

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    You'll get no argument from me.