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    when does turkey hunting begin

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    Beast- I really do not mean to scold you, but you have posted several very basic hunting questions that would indicate you have no experience in this arena.

    Before you go to jail for shooting the wrong animal, with the wrong weapon, in the wrong season, with the wrong permit, in the wrong place- you REALLY need to contact your state Game Commission, and find out where they have some hunter education courses, and take one.

    Game laws are Federal for migratory birds, and state for everything else. When I said "go to jail", that was NOT a figure of speech. For instance, many states require a big game license for turkey, permit ONLY bearded turkeys in some seasons, and place limits on the firearm you can use. Violate those laws and you could be looking at a MAJOR fine, jail time, loss of gun, loss of vehicle, possibly a felony that will cost you ever being able to possess a gun. Seriously.

    PLEASE- go sign up for the class. I have taken a couple of them. Was in one where out of 30 students, only 3 of us were old enuff to vote- and it was STILL a good class. Do you know how to dress a turkey? What is the Blaze Orange requirement for turkey hunters? What gun and what shell?

    I don't mind questions- actually enjoy them- but I cannot help but feel you need more info than we can give in a brief answer. If I am wrong, I humbly apologize.
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