Turk Ammo in Hakim

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    I have just picked up a Hakim:) to add to my 8mm stable. I have 1000+ rounds of Turkish 8mm, but have been warned not to shoot it in the Hakim :eek: due to its higher pressures.

    What I'm wondering is if its really a problem if the gas port is fully restricted. It makes sense that it could be, as the bolt must still handle the pressure until the mechanism unlocks.

    I'd love to use the Turk ammo, but plan to restrict it to my bolt-actions unless I hear that another Hakim shooter has had zero problems using the restricted port setting.
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    I have always heard the Turk 8mm is too hot for the Hakim. Sound advice as there is a very limited supply of replacement parts for the Hakim (read none). If you were to tweak something, you are screwed.

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    i used a press-mounted, collet bullet-pullet (hornady's cam-loc) and dropped the powder charge 10% on about 250 of my turk 8mm (only 2000 rds to go! :))...they work ok in my hakim and i have some surplus powder with a burning rate roughly similar to 4895 to play with.


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