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  1. Search13

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    Is there a general rule of thumb for the amount of time the brass is tumbling.
    Do you let it tumble for hours - overnight or until the brass looks clean and shiny?
    I'm a reloading newbie and I am reading the ABC's but I have not seen anything written about how long you let the brass tumble.
    Should the media be changed if it sat in a tumbler without use for several years?

  2. Fuzzball

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    "Is there a general rule of thumb for the amount of time the brass is tumbling."

    No. It's a results thing, tumble 'till you like it. Or overnight. Or a week.

    I usually swap out my media (fine cob) every three or four years if it needs it or not.

  3. robocop10mm

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    Fresh media will clean very well in an hour or two. Older, dirty media may take overnight.

    If the media has been sitting for a few years, it may need a re-charge. Look at Lyman Turbocharger, Flitz, or Midway polish.
  4. JonM

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    i let it run about two hours enoughtime to get the yuck off the cases so my dies dont get messed up. i could care less if the cases are shiney or not, they only gotta be clean.
  5. cpttango30

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    I just let them run till I remember to turn them off. Some times it is 2 hours others it is 3 days. I tell you what that 3 day brass shines like no other.

    Just guess at it. If you take it out and don't like the look then toss it back in.
  6. mrm14

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    Tumble it as long as you want. I usuallly go over night and even sometimes 2 days. The longer you vibratory clean it the better it looks and seems to resize with less effort. Have had no problems with getting quite a few reloads out of long time vibratory cleaning of brass.
  7. c3shooter

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    Depends on type of tumbler, type of media, how dirty the brass, etc. I actually use a tumbler- not a vibrator- walnut shells, pinch of dry polishing media- turn it on, and let it run until I remember to check it. Shiny sizes easier, looks better.
  8. opaww

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    I tumble until I remember to turn it off and cueck to see if they are clean
  9. J T Patriot

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    You can tumble the brass for as long as you want, but the longer you tumble it the more the case mouths get beat up. Chamfer and debur after you clean the brass to remove the rounded edges.
  10. TXnorton

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    My tumbling times seem to be directly proportional to how new (clean) my media is and/or how tarnished the brass is. With new/clean media, my own (previously reloaded) brass usually comes out very clean and shiny after about 2 hours in the walnut or corncob media. With well used/dirty media, I'll have to tumble for 4 - 6 hours, or change the media.

    Discolored or very tarnished range pick-up brass can take much longer to clean-up. I usually give that brass 3-4 hours in the Lyman red (jeweller's rouge) media, followed by another 3-4 hours in the walnut/corn cob media.
  11. Sagetown

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    Lots of good answers already. I begin with walnut media for a couple of hours. Then change to a clean corncob media with some polish added and let it tumble over night. I know it's overkill, but man does it ever shine.;)
  12. noylj

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    Tumbling time: Let the Flames Begin

    If you want your cases clean, about 15-30 minutes—about 15 minutes with a real tumbler and about 30 minutes with a vibrator.
    Any time beyond that is for those who "need" a shiny case.
    I mean, all you HAVE to do is wipe the exterior of the case with a clean rag to remove the dirt and debris that could damage your sizing die, and this can be done when you inspect each case. You do inspect each case, right?
    Much beyond that, and you are dealing with ego and perfectionists.
    I hear people talk who spend more time "cleaning" their cases then they do reloading their ammuntion.
  13. mrm14

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    I inspect each case as I really push the limits for FPS muzzle velocity.

    As far as "Shiny" cases goes, well, you could say that I'm attracted to biright and shiny things. Kind of like a moth attracted to a pourch light. It's a little on the OCD side from normal.

    You clould say I have a bright and shiny fetish.
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