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    Not for me, but a question for you reloaders...

    Would pecan shell make a good media for tumbling?

    I ask because summer is right around the corner, and part of my work duties require me to cut the grass and maintain the properties where our well sites are located. Well, one of these sites are right next to a local farmers market, and they shell pecans for a small price. The jerks running the sheller are always dumping the waste over the fence onto the property I have to maintain.

    I figure, since I'm sure I'll be shoveling some back across the fence (I love it when the biggest ******* parks his convertible Mercedes right next to the fence), I could throw a few shovel fulls in a bag and mail it out.

    I don't know how hard it is for some of you to get media, or how much it costs. But I could send it for cost of shipping if anyone's interested.