Tucson show updates (11 Mar 2013)

Discussion in 'Gun Shows' started by JWagner, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. JWagner

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    Since the City of Tucson is insisting on background checks for all sales at the Tucson Convention Center, it now appears to be off the schedule. Now we will have shows at three locations. Those would be the Pima County Fairgrounds, the Expo Center on Irvington Rd and the Holiday Inn on Palo Verde.

    So the show schedule looks like this:
    April 13-14 at Expo
    May 18-19 at Expo
    June 1-2 at Holiday
    Aug 24-25 at Holiday
    Sept 14-15 at Fairgrounds
    Oct 19-20 at Holiday
    Oct 26-27 at Expo
    Nov 2-3 at Fairgrounds
    Dec 21-22 at Expo.
  2. nitestalker

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    I was down at the Kingman, Az. show this past week end. I always seem to find some good deals at that show. It is a 7 hour drive one way but I always add some nice guns to my collections. Nice folks at Kingman.:)