Tube fed .22 speed loader

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  1. AmericanPatriot

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    Don't know if this has been posted before but I thought it was a neat idea.
    I took a couple of old aluminum arrows without points and cut them in 13" lengths. They will hold 12-13 long rifle cartridges. Just drop them in bullet first and then cap with a rubber cap from the auto parts store. Then when you run dry just tip the fresh rounds into the feed tube.
    (Since I retired I have WAY too much free time and not near enough money. LOL)

  2. Highpower

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    Not a bad idea AP. I just wish I could come up with a use for all the 6 inch cut-offs I have from making up new arrows. :rolleyes:

    I don't have a real need for .22 speed loaders myself though. I don't have anything to shoot at that requires that much lead in a short amount of time. Slow reloads allow for some quality time making conversation with good friends and family while enjoying plinking away on a lazy summer day. All part of the experience IMO. :)
  3. big shrek

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    Yerp, I did that awhile back for my 1960 Marlin 99-G & the wifey's old model 60, as the older mag tubes hold 18 rounds :D

    I've found that carbon arrows are good for this as well, as long as you use the proper size...heck, even clear plastic tubing works (especially with .30-30 & .45/70:)

    The REASON folks do this is because a person who has practiced reloading in this manner can often reload faster than a fella with 10/22 clip mags...and this is MOST amusing at the range ;)