TT&H Firearms robbed of weapons

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    RICHLAND COUNTY, SC April 24 2012 - Deputies are looking for the people who rammed a vehicle into a gun shop and took off with half of the store’s weapon inventory early Monday morning.

    The heist happened around 2:00 a.m. in a shopping plaza at 8006 Garners Ferry Rd.

    The owner of TT&H Firearms, Darrell Tracht, says two people used a late model white Ford Ranger vehicle to drive through the wall of the building. Once inside, the burglars stole about 30 assault weapons and pistols.

    Tracht said surveillance video shows the truck drive right into the building. The video, however, doesn’t show the thieves well enough to provide a description.

    The damage to the building and loss of inventory is estimated by the shop’s owner to be around $100,000, but his main concern is getting the weapons off the streets and in the right hands again.
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    This happened to a LGS at frequently went to when I lived in Charlotte back in 03. They had to put up concrete barricades and a steal roll down door to open their doors back up. The police never caught the guys that robbed them either.