TSA scum.

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    You have no idea the amount of stuff I've seen that seems useless regarding this subject. I took this picture a few years ago, and keep it around for a laugh! If the extremists have succeeded in converting that wheelchair bound girl, or this nun, then I guess they deserve to win; we have no hope left! Israel has the standard for which the world should look to, why, because they place great importance on RACIAL PROFILING!!!! They have had NO successful terrorist attempts since a hijacking in 1969.

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    I was pretty sloshed leaving Las Vegas. A TSA agent asked If I had any weapons. I replied yes, I have a rocket launcher in my boots. Next thing you know I am doing the wing walk, getting patted down and scanned. An elderly gentleman that was right behind me remarked the TSA agents were out of line. It was obvious I made the remarks in good humor. In seconds he was standing beside me doing the wing walk.

    We need a common sense agency not the TSA.