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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by catesmw, May 4, 2008.

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    Hey all,
    I'm trying to start a shop but I don't have the capital or the time to make it a full time open store yet so I want to do it online and at gun shows but I can't seem to get a straight answer on what licenses I need.

    Although I would eventually like to open a full store, my initial intent is to deal with AR and 1911 style weapons and basic conversions.

    I think I need a mfg. license to get receives and assemble guns for sale.

    Any info or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
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    Opening a shop, huh?

    Well, besides needing an 01FFL, and possibly a manufacturer's FFL (see depends on how many you make a year) you are going to need some other licenses in order to get THOSE licenses.

    ATF will not issue a FFL until you can show you are in compliance with State and Local laws. So.... Do you have a business license? If your home state has a state sales tax, ya got a sales tax ID number? Where are ya gonna do business? Yes, a home based gun business IS possible- how ya fixed for zoning? Will local zoning permit a home-based business- or do you need to get a variance from the zoning commission? How are you fixed for secure storge of guns, etc? BTW, while ATF does not require it, are you going to incorporate? Got business insurance? (If not, and not incorporated, one lawsuit over a sale or CLAIM of a defective product could mean you live in a crappy apartment the rest of your life, and drive a Geo Metro)

    Those are things you may want to think about and deal with BEFORE sending in the app for your FFLs. And you may want to consider if there is an established smith in your area that would take on an apprentice- then you work under HIS licenses, and get to pick his brain on setting up the business.

    Good luck, bro- we need more smiths out there.

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    No I don’t have a business license yet, ill have to look into that.

    I don’t plan to have customers at my home; rather I had hoped that I could do everything via internet and gunshows (mostly gunshows). I don’t know anything about zoning but I figured if there was no "store front" than there would be no need.

    For storage I figured id just get some "Wal-Mart brand" steel gun cabinets. I'm not aware of any regulations on storage specs so ill have to look into that too.

    I have been considering going the LLC. route with a friend of mine.

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    C3Shooter mentioned all the basics in starting a business and having yourself covered in the legal department.

    Some municipalities will not allow inventory at a home-based business.

    Good luck with the venture
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    Don't take a chance of getting incorrect or outdated information on a forum. Go directly to the source, BATFE.

    Or call your local BATFE office. (Check local listings.)