Trying To Identify A .22 Rimfire

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    Trying To Identify A .22 Rimfire


    I am looking for help identifying a .22 Rimfire Rifle. I am sure that it has no real value other than sentimental value to me. My first rifle was one of these units and I thought it would be cool to try to find one to start my daughter out on the same thing daddy started with. Anyway here is what I can remember about it: It was a single shot bolt action .22 rimfire. It was purchased in the mid 80's in Northeastern Pennsylvania from Laneco Sporting Goods. It had a very plain basic stock and bolt. The forend of the rifle was a cut 45 degree angle versus a rounded front. It came open sights but was drilled and tapped to attach a scope. It shot shorts and long rifles. The safety mechanism was such that the back of the bolt actually pulled back and turned downward and matched up to a ridge on the bolt itself to be in the firing position. Any help identifying who made this - what model it is - etc. would be much appreciated.
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    Hi there, if you want to get down to finding "The One", I would haunt used gun stores and gunshows, online auctions with pictures etc. might help you find the model you seek. Good luck. I will keep an eye out for that 45* cut forend.

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    A lot of the older Marlin bolt actions were made with that style stock shape. Check old model Marlins 1st. Pictures would help TREMENDOUSLY.
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    Go over to, and search for closed auctions, rifles, use 22 as the desciption. Now go thru and look at the pretty pictures. You may find yours. Another way would be to buy a copy of Gun Traders Guide (fairly cheap in paperback) and thumb thru the rifles until you fin one that looks like yours. Likely a Savage/Springfield/Stevens, or Marlin.
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    Hope this helps

    I see everyone giving their way of finding this gun, here is how I'd start...
    Go to Google, punch in .22 Bolt Rifle and then go to Images. There should be about 138,000 gun pictures to thumb through and see if you spot the one from your past.
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    Marlin is a good guess.

    Another perhaps maker, may have been a "Cooey" (these were made in Ontario Canada 1903-1961 or so?) They were later bought out by Olin (Winchester Western Canada Division) in the early 60's
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    Hey everybody-RugerMike is a friend of mine with more gunsmithing experience that I have-35 years vs 27+. he really knows his stuff.
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    If you have a pic, it would take less time :)

    If you are working from memory, the pic search is the way to go.

    Even an old black & white photo can give us old geezers a more specific clue :)