Trying to find junk silver today 10/15

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    I was waiting for the spanked A$$es in D.C. to get their **** together and come to their senses. I waited until noon today and after the House of Ill Repute came out with their new bill that will not pass the muster in the other house of Constipation or across Obummer's desk, I went and withdrew some funds from savings to go purchase physical silver.

    I was able to find only 30 oz. that I was willing to purchase, after stopping at 4 different gold/silver/jewery buyers.

    I have an appointment Thurs. am with another guy who is reputable, but there was no "junk" silver available, as in pre-1965 silver coins, or 1 oz. silver bullion bars, rounds or coins today.

    I did buy 1 - 500 rnd. brick of 22 lr. (daily limit) and 200 rnds. of .45 acp., FMJ at another store.

    I thought I was ahead of the curve on converting cash to physical assets, I was wrong.
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    I have been buying lead. ;)

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    This is where I buy. On one order, I found three dimes that were not junk silver, and they credited me and added them to my next order no problem. They are the lowest on the net as far as I have seen. If in no hurry, it's cheapest to send them a check and wait for the mail instead of adding credit card transaction fees.
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    And now is the time to keep at it.

    I have bought much of my PM's off of eBay over the years. Just know the value going in, and you will do fine. Expect to pay a bit over spot, especially with the way things are now.

    Amount of silver per coin:

    Silver dollars contain 0.72344 Troy oz. silver content
    Half dollars contain 0.36169 Troy oz silver content
    Quarters contain 0.18084 Troy oz silver content
    Dimes contain 0.0723 Troy oz silver content

    Right now silver is $22 per Troy oz. So a half dollar would have a spot price of about $8. If I were buying right now, I would plan on paying about $9 per half dollar (including shipping.) Franklin halves are going to be your best bet, as they are not as "pretty" as walkers and are generally a bit cheaper.