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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by docruger, May 2, 2011.

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    i am by no means a newbie when it comes to firearms, but i have been out of the realm for about 4 years, i cant decide which handgun to buy getting back in to the realm of things, but it has come down to a xd45 acp tactical or a G-21 there is a bit to like and dislike about both kinda like ford and Chevy.
    any how im looking for a good reason to buy either or, im not looking for a ******* war as to which one is better. im just trying to decide out of 2 of the best firearms on the market, what one to choose. thanks
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    I have the 4.5 inch barrel XDm-45. But I've got to tell ya I was always of the mind set that I would never own a tupperware gun, but was I wrong! The first thing I noticed shooting it was that is was surprisingly soft shooting, however the grip was small. I have odd bear-paw hands and I had to swap out the backstrap to the largest size at the range.

    After the swap, the gun felt like my Colt Combat elite with the arched housing only thicker. I brought an assortment of Hollow Point ammo just in case it didn't like something. I WASTED MY MONEY! It shot Speer GD, Hornady XTP+P, and Corbon JHP+P just like it was FMJ ammo. And as for accuracy, well look at this target from 14 yards:


    I had it loaded to 13+1 and I can only see 11, maybe 12 holes. Which means that 2 to 3 rounds went through the same holes. I shot a total of 310 rounds of which 60 were hollow points and the rest were Magtech FMJ and Winchester FMJ (the light ones that look like JSWCs). After all that I was amazed at how soft shooting it was, It makes my Defender seem like a torture device.

    Not a jam

    I could not be happier with this gun.

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    Pick 'em each up, line up the sight picture, check the trigger reach, etc. Which ever one feels the most natural is the clear winner. It's that simple.

    They feel the same? Buy the less expensive one.

    They feel the same and cost the same? Buy the Glock, because accessories are slightly cheaper and more common than they are for the XD.

    BTW- I have an XDm45, no Glocks.
  4. ScottA

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    Buy the Springfield. Neither are produced in the US, but at least Springfield is an American company and you will help support American jobs. Besides, they're from my hometown.
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    I own a SA XDm-45 that I really like. I've never cared for Glocks. Had oppurtunity to shoot a few, just don't like the grip and trigger.
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    From my experience, the XD45.
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    I don't own either, I have shot both and if I had to pick. XD is a better pistol IMHO,
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    My choice would be the XD-45. I did not like the trigger on it when I got it. In fact it felt like Crap! I had the Springfield trigger job done on it after complaining to them about the trigger. They put one of their trigger jobs on it and it is fantastic to say the least. I also have Glocks and they are fine pistols also. But I do prefer the XD. Also the accessories that come with it is nice. The holster, mag pouch and etc. Regarding the USA issue. Be advised that Gaston Glock does not own Glock any longer. He sold the company. That was one reason for the recent material and design changes.

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    thank you all

    i just wanted to all of you for all the great advice and opinions, I have finely decided on my new handgun, i posted this before i knew that ruger has just brought out a 1911, and me being a big ruger fan of there revolvers i cant believe they finely made a semi auto worth buying.:D