Trying to date and value my Browning Sweet Sixteen!

Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by keas3, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. keas3

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    Bought it a few years ago from a old family friend that was in his late 80's and said his da got it for him when he turned 16.

    On the gun is says "Browning Arms Company St Louis Mo & Montreal PQ" on the left side of the receiver. On the bottom is says 1S 73659

    Can anyone tell me the date or value?

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  2. hiwall

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    Well it had that recoil pad added that hurts the value alot. And the fore-arm is cracked, another minus. I can not quite tell in the picture does yours have the cross-bolt safety? Or the safety inside-front of trigger guard? cross-bolt safety models are worth more.

  3. akers06

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    If it says st Louis then it's probably mid to late 40s which is when ww2 was going on and Browning started making some guns in the Remington factory for a few years
  4. cottontop

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    You can call Browning and their historian can give you the year it was made from the serial number. I have called them several times.