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    Hello fellow Iowans! I am new to this forum from the Cedar Rapids area. I have been following the civilian disarmament movement here in the mid-west recently and there is one major item that has me worried about Iowa. In the Iowa constitution we DON'T have any 2nd amendment protection. After seeing what they are attempting to do in MN and WI as well as the rest of the north here it has me worried. After all, the 2nd amendment protected most other states from the NFA rules in the U.S. but Iowa seemed to create its own "offensive weapons" clause that prohibits the items the NFA allows, this is already a breach of our second amendment. I have been writing out congress like crazy trying to get them to pass some sort of protection against gun-grabbers but they keep blowing me off telling me its a "federal issue". I am wondering who would be interested in flooding our legislators with requests to pass some kind of protection for gun owners and stopping the offensive weapons clause. over 40 other states have more rights than we do when it comes to gun laws. I love this state but these laws will force me to move, guns have been in my family for years. I would love to see Iowans fight against this instead of ending up like our eastern neighbors

    - Jon L