tryig to design/build a 7.62 bullpup

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  1. zacwright

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    right, this rifle i am designing has a shortstroke recoil reciol system. symalar to an AK47, it must have the reliablity of an AK but be modular with interchanable barrels.
    would the nato 7.62 round shoot out the 7.62 by 39mm barrel?
  2. Comeswithbacon

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    No the 7.62x51 NATO will NOT fire in a 7.62x39 chambered barrel.

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    YES it would simply because the barrels used for a 7.62x51 NATO and a 7.62x39 Russian are both 30 caliber barrels. The "7.62" in both cartages names stands for the diameter of the bullet. Now in terms of the round being chambered correctly are different. A 7.62x51 NATO will MOST LIKELY NOT chamber correctly in a 7.62x39 AK 47 barrel, because the shell and/or bullet are to long.
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    Don't even try to chamber a 7.62 Nato round in a 7.62 x 39 barrel or vise versa. Before you even start a build you'll need a lot more knowledge of firearms than you have. Hang around and do a lot of research. Building a firearm is a highly technical undertaking. Just because things fit does not mean they will function properly. Each time you fire a gun, there is an expolsion powerful enough to blow your face off and turn that gun into lethal bits of shrapnel. there is upwards of 60,000 lbs of pressure in some guns when fired. 2000 times the pressure you put in your car tires. Do you want to lay your face on a tire and have it blow-out???
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    Its absolutely possible to do. Im doing almost the same thing on an upcoming project, im making a 7.62 by 25 carbine, and im using a RPD barrel (wich is a 7.62 by 39 also) First you need to completely cut off the already chambered area. For safety you need to research the minimum wall thickness for the 7.62 by 54. this is a much more powerful cartridge than the 39, so you need to make sure the chambered areas wall thickness is about half again of the minimum wall thickness (this is just an estimate, but its common sense to have as much metal as possible around the explosion thats happening right in your hands). Next you need to buy or make an chambering reamer. if you have a lathe, a milling machine, and are a very skilled machinist. you can make your own "D" type reamer. but i strongly discourage it if your a novice. I also absolutley agree with dteed4094 this is a very dangerous undertaking if your unprepared knowledge wise, or a safe fun project if you've done your home work, you choose.
    always glad to help -A.G.
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    Dystopian.... Clear some space on your messages. Tried to send to you..full