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    So I am sitting down at a local Chinese restaraunt, that opened not too long ago, (little tiny thing that only has 4 tables, but in the 3 times I have been in there neither my wife or I have been disapointed).
    A couple walks in and starts asking the female, Asian employee behind the counter several questions about the food. Normally I mind my business but as small as the place was, couldn't help over hearing. Wasn't really interesting until the couple started asking about the drinks available. Specifically the female customer was asking about the sweet tea that was available. Now, I am going to type out exactely what I heard:
    Customer: "Is your sweet tea freshly brewed?"
    Employee: "Is it brewed?"
    C: "Your tea, is it freshly brewed?"
    E: "Brewed?"
    C: "Brewed! Is it made fresh? Did you brew it today?" (She was obviously starting to get upset that she wasn't being understood).
    E: "Brewed? No is not brew. We make fresh today. Is kinda dark brown color."

    I started laughing and almost choked on my food, and everyone at the counter started staring at me! The couple ended up finishing their order and taking a short walk while their order was being prepared and I finish my meal is silence.
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    Story told to me by Hawaiian friend-

    Little old Asian lady goes to bank to cash money order- from Japan.
    Teller counts out $195. Japanese lady looks at money, and looks at teller.

    "Last week you give me $200. Where my five dollah?"

    Teller- "The exchange rate changed since last week. It's $195."

    Customer- "What change rate? Where my five dolllah?"

    Teller, exasperated- "Fluctuations. It's $195."

    Customer- angry- "Fluck you white people too. Where my five dollah?"

    Anyway, he swears that really happened............:p
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