True spooky stories, haunting, ghosts

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    Wow! Imagine what I thought when I first read this. What current member is pulling Winds from the nether region? Did DJT and Billy Bush join the forum?

    Sorry. I guess my mind is in the gutter. A little too much social distancing. Cabin fever...
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    What in the heck are you talking about? :cool:
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    Here in my county there's been one legal hanging. And it was a doozy.
    The Brassell (often misnamed Brasswell) brothers, Joe and Teek swung together in 1878 for a robbery and murder they committed in 1875.

    This county lies half way between Knoxville and Nashville on the old main coach road. It had a reputation as a lawless area and was full of crime and folks evading the law.
    The brothers though, decided to rob a local inn not far from their home (they expected the county tax collected to be there that night). Things went pear shaped and they ended up shooting someone and running home. The people at the inn recognized them and 2 days later the law showed up at their house where a gunfight ensued. One of the posse was killed and the brothers were taken alive.

    They were taken to Nashville for trial and were convicted and sentenced.
    While in Nashville jail, the boys were busy. There numerous escape attempts and people trying to get them out. To no avail.

    They were eventually transported back to their home county to face their fate.
    The hanging was public at place then known as Billy Goat Hill and over 10,000 people travelled from all over the area for the afternoons entertainment.
    The double trap door was released at 1:30 pm and after a given amount of time the brothers were removed and transported home for burial where their headstones still stand. Now, right next to the local highschool parking lot.

    This brings us to the present.
    Today on the spot where the scaffold stood is a small building that is currently an ice cream shop.
    I've stopped in and talked to some of the employees, neither who knew the history of the spot but they both told me they didn't feel comfortable there alone, that odd things would happen. Things like light switches going off and things having been moved to different places from where they were left at closing the previous night.
    I went back a couple of weeks later and the same young lady was working, she told me that she had asked the owner about the story and he told her to never bring it up or tell the customers. He's afraid they'll lose business.
    I personally believe that if he advertised as the only haunted ice cream parlor in the state he'd make a fortune. So it goes.

    You can search the brothers story online, there's tons of info about the whole thing, even grainey photographs of the actual execution.
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    Not a haunting, and not spooky. Rather, somewhat comforting and just curious.

    When our dogs were with us (2005-2013 and 2005-2015), they would often raise their heads, and their ears would perk up looking toward our stairs and the hallway leading to the front door. They weren't in a "threat" mode but rather much like a loved one was arriving home. But we were both in the family room with them. Sometimes, a tail or two would briefly wag. It was rather uncanny, but not scary.

    The previous owners of our house/farm lost a daughter to a one-car accident. She had lived at home. My wife and I sometimes think perhaps her ghost stops by from time to time (she loved their dogs). I sincerely believe dogs (and probably cats and other critters) can see things we can't. If that is the case, she is welcome to our home. We sometimes get very benevolent feelings out of nowhere.
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    The house i grew up in. It was built in 1803. We had a ghost. We would hear walking around sounds coming from upstairs sometimes. And now and then something from the fridge we would find laying on the kitchen floor in the morning some times. One night i saw what looked like a fog go across my bedroom floor.
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    Our farm is on land next (within ¼ mile) to where Stonewall Jackson did his "flanking maneuver" that changed the course of the battle of Chancellorsville. There are times I get not only a chill, but a very deep warmness here looking out over our pastures and land, for no particular reason. A retired Army guy, I also feel a certain kinship bubbling up that I can't explain.

    But mostly I feel our Fi's presence every day, and that is a most wonderful experience. I can't help but feel she is comforting and loving on those lost soldiers from well over a century ago, on both "sides", and dying for either a cause or, mostly, because they were ordered forward, without their loved ones - to include their pooches.
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    My mom had cancer when I was 8. It went into remission. 12 years later it raised it’s ugly head again. She eventually ended up in the hospital before passing.
    While she was in the hospital she told me she had not prayed wisely. I asked what she meant, and she explained that during her first bout she had prayed that she would recover and live long enough to see me (her youngest child) grow up to graduate high school and go to college. I was dating the young lady who i married and am still married to, at this time.

    Mom, told me she should have prayed to see me get married and meet my children.

    Fast forward over a decade. My wife, my daughter and I transferred to Georgia. We had moved into our first house there, and still hadnt fully unpacked even. My wife heard my daughter (just under age 2) talking in her room. She peeked in and saw her sitting on her bed and talking and looking at a corner of her room. My wife walked in and asked who my daughter was talking to. She said it was a nice lady, who said she just wanted to say hi and see how she was doing.

    later when we were unpacking, an old family portrait which we never unpacked in our last home in CT came out. It was of my side of the family, with my mom, dad, brother, sister, and myself. My daughter said, “That was the lady I was talking to”. My wife froze and explained what she had witnessed earlier in my daughters room.

    They say hauntings or visitations may not always be linked to a place.
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    The old couple that built this house we live in were know to NOT like change such as no new decorations or wall decor. After we moved here (nearly 50 years ago) we came home to all our pictures removed from the walls sitting neatly against the wall just below where they were hanging. :eek: (the house was locked at the time)

    We hung them back up and it's never happened again. :D