"truck-control" laws needed?

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by hogdoc357, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Okay, so we have a truck crash that kills 11 people. Should we outlaw all trucks because of this? Should we develop "truck control" laws to keep these menacing instruments out of irresponsible people? Should we stop all law abiding citizens from driving trucks because this person misused the truck or was irresponsible with the truck?

    Hummm....gun laws anyone?
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    Sounds like it was one of those evil high capacity black trucks.....Did it have a silencer on it?

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    Just one more CONTROL added to a society of maxium rules, which I find spiritually confining to my God-given liberty.
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    Far as im aware all vehicles are required to have silencers. I think they are called mufflers maybe. Same thing as a silencer.

    Equality under the law??

    Drunk drivers kill far more people each year than wackos with guns. Usually 3-12 at a wack. Most of the murdering drunks get turned loose to drive drunk over and over until they kill someone but there isno call for banning high capacity beer bongs....
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    One of the most stolen vehicles around here is the F-250/F350 Crew Cab. They strip out the back seats and transport illegal aliens.
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    It is amazing to me that whenever a mentally ill individual commits a heinous crime using a firearm the immediate response is to scream for gun control. Yet when a drunk driver commits an equally tragic offense by killing innocents while driving, no one initiates a call for more “car control”. Certainly the death of an innocent is no less tragic because it was caused by a car rather than a gun, yet if caused by a firearm the blame is always placed on the object used and not the individual. Rather than focus our debate on gun control and restrictive laws, that are unconstitutional by default, we should be focusing upon mental health, much like the focus of a DWI is not on “car control” but on alcoholism. The effort here should be to identify early the symptoms of mental disorders and the ways to prevent that individual from hurting others regardless of what object they choose to use. The fact is that the Colorado shooter would have used another weapon, possibly a car, to perpetrate his cowardly deed if firearms were not available. He is a sick, but smart and resourceful individual and was determined to kill as many as he could. Denying firearms to all only provides a target rich environment of innocents unable to defend themselves for the mentally ill such as the Colorado shooter. The accountability for these actions is with the perpetrator, whatever their choice of weapon, not the weapon itself. As the investigation continues into this individual it will be apparent that the signs of his decline into madness were there and obvious if in fact they were being looked for. It is sad, and the consequences tragic, that we do not emphasize enough how to recognize those signs and what to do about them. My heart goes out to those families who lost loved ones or had loved ones injured because of this individual, and my hope is that we will start the national conversation on preventing these horrendous acts by focusing on the cause and not the objects used.
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    Well, to stamp out drunk driving, they should outlaw automatic transmissions...

    Re: what you just said right up there- you are absolutely correct. One of the BIGGEST fallacies- "He was such a normal guy- nobody thought he would do anything like this. There was no warning....." Bull.

    In most cases, the person in question had been a train wreck for some time, had left the rails LONG ago, but no one wanted to say or do anything. And they kept getting further and further from the rails.

    Old saying- Buddhist maybe. "A spring can be diverted by a twig at the source, but when it has become a raging river, not even the elephant can stand against it."
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    Let's all get with the program:

    They need to register Radial Tires,

    and BAN SUVs...:rolleyes:
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    Phuck,we should all just be locked away in a "safety cage".

    That'll fix everything,right?

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