Troy vs Magpul BUIS

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  1. jasonlarue1013

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    Which ones do you use? Why? And do you wish you would have gotten something different? If so, why?

    Hoping for something good to read when I get back!! See y'all in a week!!!
  2. purehavoc

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    I own both , I don't have a preference between the 2 they are both great . They are both one handed operation to pop up . However the troy isn't as easy to close. The magpul u just close and it locks , no levers to operate . The troy you need to push the button to close it. Really no big deal , they are both strong and do the job, really the only thing to consider is price . Magpul set is $85, set of troy $179 . Either way u wont go wrong with either

  3. frostyone

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    I use the magpuls mostly because they were quite a bit less money and I found them locally. I am perfectly happy with them. Nice and light and very well made.
  4. Chandler51

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    I have notch.

    I'm sure the Magpul is fine, I have some of their other stuff and like it ALOT.

    I do believe the MP sights are plastic...if that's an issue for you. It does make them CONSIDERABLY less expensive though.
  5. tenntyrant

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    Troy Battle Sights

    I have the magpul bus but took them off my Colt and replaced with Troy Fixed battle sights, The Troys are made much better and I do not need folding sights anyway. Spend the extra cash and get the Troy sights or you will always be wondering if you should have.
  6. BCMjUnKiE

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    I don't have either but if I where to choose it would be Troy BUIS.
  7. Quentin

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    Mega Dittos!
  8. Snakedriver

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    I'm using the Magpul Gen. 2 rear BUIS on my AR. They are polymer and the Troy are metal, but they are also half the price of the Troy. Despite being space age plastic, the Magpuls seem to be very sturdy and well built.

    Since I primarily use my optic to shoot, the Magpul BUIS's are just right for me. I pop the scope mount off and shoot a couple of mag's. with the irons each time I go to the range just to make sure they are still zeroed and I haven't had to touch them for adjustment since the first time I set them up. The dual aperture sights are very easy shoot tight groups using them both near and far.

    Price point and how you intend to use your AR will depend on which will be best for your needs. Either will work fine.

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  9. AgentTikki

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    I like Diamondheads. Much like the Troy DOAs, let me dig up a review I wrote a while back.

    My buis of choice have been Troys in the front, and their DOA in the back. I prefer the precision allowed by the diamond shaped peep, as it’s easier for me to reference if I have the front sight post dead center on the peep. I really like the long range setting which is a completely different setup. No peep sight rear aperture, instead they have two posts in the rear, curved inward. Like the ends of a caliper. All you have to do is center the front sight post in between the rear posts and put the front sight on target. I love that you get a very big sight picture with them. I don't like that if you are using the long distance setting, you must change it back to the peep setting before stowing the sight, otherwise the top of the diamond of the close setting rear aperture will come down on your upper receiver, scratching it, or gouging it, or maybe even bending the rear aperture if closed forcefully.

    When checking the Diamondhead premium Diamond sights on the RUC, the first thing I checked was if it could be stowed safely on both the close and long range settings. I'm very happy to report that, yes they can. My initial impressions of the sights are pretty limited given the confines of the small showroom, but the close range setting is pretty similar to the DOAs. It actually seems to be a bit faster due to the shape of the flanges on either side of the front sight post, but I think I will be able to follow up in more detail at the range next weekend. They are nice and solid, and the unlocking button gives a nice positive click when depressed.