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I decided to try this muzzle break as its pretty cheap and I have read other decent reviews and thought why not try it first hand and compare it to the A2 flash hider . I had 2 like rifles one with the A2 muzzle brake and the other with the troy medieval brake mounted up, both 16" barrels , that way I could switch from one gun to the other without any delay . the first thing I noticed more than anything was less recoil from the Troy brake when switching from the A2 to the Medieval brake. Muzzle jump was also less with the Troy and it was much easier to stay on target with the irons . Not that there is alot of recoil from a .223 but it made it alot lighter and stayed on target with 10 rd mag dumps . It didnt have any more muzzle flash than the A2 , I also shot it from prone and with as dry as the ground is here I thought it might kick up some dust but I was wrong , it blows gasses out the sides and the top and nothing out of the bottom , no swirling effect from it either ,overall its a great add on for the money and tames muzzle rise better than some of the more expensive models out there .

This was the Muzzle break not the Flash suppressor

I also have the troy claymore on a short barrel and it is little to no muzzle rise even with a 7.5" barrel but it does have crazy muzzle flash that blasts out the end , Im sure with a longer barrel it wouldnt be near as bad .
So with this I give the the Medieval a 9.5 / 10 . The finish was nice, came with a new crush washer , worked as advertised , and is a cheap but better option to the A2

Id like to thank Rogtac for the great deal he had on them and the free super fast 2 day shipping from Cali to IL !!!!!! .

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