Trouble sighting in .308

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    I have a Weatherby .308 Vangaurd sub-moa with a nikon monarch scope and I have had problems the past couple times I've gone out shooting to keep it anywhere remotely on target. I checked the scope it's tight I've clean the gun thoroughly and checked for and slag and spurred metal and I found nothing I re-bore sighted it and still nothing. Please help me out any ideas will be taken and used.
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    Could there be something wrong w/ the scope? Is it possible the scope was dropped or damaged in some way that does not seem apparent by visual inspection? I put a used scope on my Ruger #1 single shot recently that I got off the bay really cheap from some old guy who said he has used it for over 20 years and it still works great. Anyway, it would not hold adjustment at all. I could somehow get it to shoot pretty much dead on and the the next shot would be six inches off. I replaced the scope w/ a new one and my first three shot group was 3/4". Now I know why the guy was selling it.

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    It sounds like a stock bedding problem. You should check to see if the barrel is moving in its channel. The rear tang screw may be too tight or too loose. I would try putting a business card under the barrel about 2"s below the front end of the stock. These rifles often need to be beded by a gun snith.:) Fire the rifle at 25 yards and move to 50 yards you should be able to see the shift in the POI.
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    Couple what range did you zero the scope? What ranges are you shooting? Did you lap the scope rings, level it, level the rings? How does the gun shoot with open or iron sights if that's an option? Is it grouping off-POA or is it random POI? well do you shoot similar distance with another gun and scope?
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    I had the same problem with my 17hmr all it turned out to be was the scope we would get it zero'd then take it out the next day make a slight change and boom it would be hitting just everywhere. Put an old 3-9 we had sitting in the closet and not it's dead on. Check and make sure that everything on the gun is screwed down tight and then if you still have the problem try a different scope, while sighting it shoot off a good rest like a table or even prone also make sure your resting the gun on something soft never shoot your gun off of a hard surface.
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    The scope was bore sighted at 50 yards then I tried shooting at both 50 and 100 yards. This gun was already sighted in before so the scope has been leveled and it has shot a good group before. I used my browning 30-06 at 200 yrds and put 15 shots with in a 2.5 in group. I'm gonna pull off the scope and redo the entire thing. Take off bases and see where that gets me and I have never dropped my gun or scope so unless someone else has and hasn't told me i don't thibk it's damaged. Thanks guys keep the post coming.
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    It really helps to have a torque driver when putting a rifle back together. I use a wheeler inch pound torque driver. They are a good mix between price and performance.

    Mounting base screws i do at 25 inch lbs

    Screws to put the rings on the base 55 inch pounds

    Ring screws 25 inch pounds

    Action screws i start at 50 inch pounds. If that doesnt cut it i bump it up 5 or lower it 5.

    I always use blue locktite on scope and action screws. Rockset for muzzle devices.

    Its very important to torque everything with similar settings. The actual poundage isnt as important as everything in one connection series being the same. If all four of your base screws are different torques it can cause issues. Same is true of ring bases rings and action screws.

    What will get you in trouble is grabbing a driver and guessing. It can easily warp or distort threads. Im going through that issue now with my savage rifle. Savage is infamous for overtorquing and buggering threads up. Pretty much everything that has threads in my savage 10 fcp-sr that has threads is buggered up right from the factory.
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