Trouble deciding on an AK

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    I am inexperienced with all of the nuances that AKs have. I have my sights set on getting an Arsenal SGL21-PR because it isn't a "cheap ak" and it isn't a $2000 Krebs. I have heard good things about the SGL21 too.

    However, before I do buy an AK I just want to know what a $2000 AK gives you. I don't see how someone could justify buying an AK that expensive without some serious performance in return. I'm fairly certain a $2000 AK is still an AK. It isn't going to be a .25 MOA gun (I mean unless I'm wrong I really don't know). I just want to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck without paying for something that is superfluous (the name, doodads, etc).
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    Well I personally don't have any experience with Kreb's rifles but I do have one of their Beryl style rails on a converted Saiga. I do however own an Arsenal SGL20 and have shot a couple other models Arsenal offers and can testify to their quality.

    They are head and shoulders over the two Century built WASRs I have. The sights, gas block, etc are straight. The finish is applied evenly with no thin/bare spots in it. The two stage trigger takes some getting used to especially if you've shot an AK with the Tapco trigger in it but the transition is not a hard one to make. I find the accuracy to be a tad better than my WASRs but that could be because I had the Arsenal first and have shot it more. I can't givel you a group size comparison because I haven't really shot for group with either of them. In short I feel the Arsenal rifles set the standard that Century should try to attain.

    Now before I end this let me state that I'm not a Century hater by any means. I have four of their rifles setting in my gun cabinet and have owned a few others over the years. I'm simply making a comparison here of what's in my meager collection, as always YMMV.

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    The easiest way to see what you get for a $2000 is go to Gunbroker and do an advanced search for AK with price limiters.

    Some of what I saw was mostly modles sellers thought of as rare like Polytech Legends and a bull-pup which haven't been imported in 20+ years others were stupid like current production sbr's and such