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    Yeah where is South Park, Colo., I've been to South Fork. I was fishing once at Spinney Mtn. reservoir and drove into Hartsel, to re-supply the beer, and saw an elementary school that was called South Park Elementary.
    Could this be the place Cartman went to school?
    Love the show.
    Just a bit of trivia for someone that might be in the know!
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    I've been through South Park, Colorado. I can't remember the road it is on, but travelling from the Metro area to where my parents met and were married in Salida, Colorado we went through South Park. There is a wide open area called South Park where some large herds of bison roam (we used to see them) but there is a small town west of that called South Park.

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    Looks like Trey Parker is from Conifer, CO; Matt Stone born in Houston, raised in Denver, met T.P. at University of Colorado Boulder. I'd bet neither of them went to a "South Park" elementary, and there are probably a dozen or so "South Park Elementary" schools in the U.S.:D
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    As a side note, I've been through there many times as a child. We lived in the Denver area and most of my father's side still lives in Salida, where he was born and raised. Both of my parents graduated from Salida High School, as have several aunts, uncles and cousins of mine. We would make the drive several times a year. South Park exists, but it is a teeny little town. I do believe I've eaten at a greasy spoon in South Park.
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    Used to camp at the National Parks Campground at Monarch Pass on the way over towards Salida. Beautiful country in there.

    Think the South Park is going to be like the Springfield in the Simpsons- never to be fully identified. But Parker comes close......:rolleyes:
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    The one in Memphis, TN closed, i bleve.
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    South Park CO, is on HWY 285 South of Kenosha Pass.

    there are bison there.......I wouldnt really say they "roam" they are fenced in just like cows are.

    There is a heck of a lot of Elk roaming there though.

    when you drove to Hartsel (on 24) and if you would of headed west to 285, that is the center of what I call Southpark.
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