Tripp Conversions Came Yesterday!

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Joshua M. Smith, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith New Member

    Hi Folks,

    I had been having trouble feeding truncated cone hardcast


    that had been feeding perfectly last summer. All other profiles from ball to hollowpoint fed fine. The couple wadcutters I had on hand showed no problems either.

    In looking things over and double-checking with folks at other sites I figured the magazine springs should be replaced first as there are less than 500 rounds on the 18.5lb recoil spring.

    Tripp hybrid conversion kits came yesterday.

    These are just awesome!

    The followers are hybrid and are of high quality.

    I only had one bobble with the feeding - the first time I charged manually from slide stop. I pulled the slide back fully and it rode up fine.

    I wouldn't mind finding a wadcutter profile bullet mold, but I really like this truncated cone style and want it to feed perfectly again.

    The recoil spring still looks to be in good shape. The reloads may need a bumped powder charge, but the empties are ejecting in a textbook fashion, about 6' to my 4 o'clock.

    I'm waiting on a Lee trimmer to get here to check all my cases, but they should all be in spec. I just can't see a .45acp case growing that much! I'll play with the handloads after casting new bullets.

    Overall, I'm very impressed with the Tripp conversions. Might have to spring for a Cobra mag to help feed these TC bullets as I've read they're more inline than other mags. We will see. I've never seen anything feed quite this slick before -- including my much-loved tapered-lip GI mag with GI hardball! I consider that the supreme setup for hardball use, so that says a lot!

    I wish I'd not waited this long to order. Now if the spring life proves good, I'll convert my practice mags over, too!

  2. g17frantz

    g17frantz New Member

    Looks like a good setup bro

  3. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Virgil Tripp did for 1911 mags what John Browning did for auto-loaders!

    I'm a Tripp Cobra Mag disciple.
  4. g17frantz

    g17frantz New Member

    Should be getting mine in the mail soon. Thanks for the advice sir. Can't wait to try it out

    REDTAIL Member

    I bet my life every day that I carry my 1911 with my Cobra mags in them.? I agree with Canebrake 100%