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    I'm still trying to figure out what my Nagant revolver likes, so I have been trying a few things. It didn't really like wadcutters as much as I had hoped it would, so now I have some round nose lead bullets to try. The problem is that when the bullets are seated yo the proper depth, they will not work in the revolver. They are way too long.
    If I was to trim these cases so that it would actually fit, would that cause any change in pressure using the same powder load?
    Is trimming them the best thing to do, or is the some other way I should do this? Could I seat the bullets flush to the end of the case like original Nagant ammo is, or would that be dangerous?

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    There is some cartridge info here ->

    It looks like the projectile is seated inside of the case. Don't know how you would accomplish that. If you trim ie reduce the volume of the case, you certainly would increase the pressure. I don't think trimming is the way to go.

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    are you sure you seated to the correct depth? could the shoulder of the crimp be holding you off?