Trijicon HD Pistol Sights?

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  1. Dennis845

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    Anyone have the Trijicon HD sights in their pistol(s)?

    Before I plop down the $140.00 and wait 2-4 weeks to get them, wanted yawls opinion for my application.

    The old eyes need better and "bigger" sights on my Kimber 1911 to compete in IDPA and personal protection. The original tritium night sights on my 1911 have dimmed down to almost nothing and are tiny.

    I have the XS Big Dot sights on a couple of my pistols, and truth be told, I really don't care for them all that much. Dotting the "I" or lolly popping them goes against everything my decades of ingrained shooting has taught me. I also have a difficult time at targets over 10 yards (probably me). Up close and personal they're great though and you can't miss them.

    If I purchase them, I believe I'll get the green front sight and the yellow two dot rear sight because of the 12 year warrenty.

    Opinions & experiences?
  2. hoovco

    hoovco New Member

    I have some trijicon sights on an XD. I think they're awesome.

    With that said, you can probably find a set that are just as good for less elsewhere.

  3. cotex

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    You can't go wrong with Troja con or night sites does a lot of companies making them they do last for over 12 years I've had a Glock with them on it for over 20 And just picked up a new site that are much brighter for my Glock 30 I do like the traditional sites and don't like the big one.or HD sites as it takes up too much of your site picture at long distance.
  4. treehugger49

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    Have you considered TruGlow's TFO sights?

    They have tritium in the back of them for low-light conditions, and fiber optic rods that are extremely visible in lighted environments.

    They can be had for considerably less than $140, too. I'd recommend your contacting James (Nick) Nicholas at this website:

    He specializes in XDs, but the site shows availability for the Kimbers as well. The install is free if you buy from him. Kimber may come only in the green front-green rear combination, but I know they come green-yellow for other models.

    I purchased my TFOs through him and recommend him highly.

    Here's another thread which discusses the TFOs and has some pics to give you an idea of how they look:
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  5. Dennis845

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    Thank you!
  6. locutus

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    Trijicons are good nite sights. But I much prefer XS Express Big Dots.
  7. Mick3411

    Mick3411 New Member

    Just put them on my XDM and they are great night or day. That front site really pops right out.