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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by JonM, Dec 18, 2011.

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    i want to put a very nice optic on my next build. im leaning towards the trijicon acog over the nightforce 1-4x for a couple of reasons. its got the no battery thing down. i like the fiber optic daytime and tritium nite modes. its 4x fixed which is perfect for what i need. and even i may not be able to break it.

    the problem is its got a bunch of different options for reticle pattern. inverted triangle, dot in donut and xhair. i like the idea of the inverted triangle its most similar to the german #1 post ive got the most time shooting. then there is the red/green/amber colors.

    anyone have opinions on which combos of reticle features they have experience with??

    what really is tipping me over to trijicon is their to hell with political correct BS. while im not a christian or even lean towards christianity im not a atheist or anti-religionist either, i like how they put bible verses on their acogs and dont knuckle to the atheist fascism.

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  2. mjkeat

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    I personally would go w/ the red chevron ACOG.

    It is however the only one I've actually used out of your list.