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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by kittykat, Jun 7, 2007.

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    Anyone here have info on how you go about doing a trigger job/smooth on an S&W model 66 and/or Ruger MKII?
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    Can't believe no one as posted any kind of response yet, Kittykat! But here goes.
    Doing a full blown trigger tune on a revolver involves more than the average owner should attempt. If not done properly, it can be made dangerous or non functioning.
    But, Wolff makes an Action-Tuning "Pro Springs" kit, offered by Brownells, and if you can disassemble, and reassemble with springs from this kit, you'll have a good start on a better trigger pull.
    Here's a link to J-Frame kits...

    This link shows kit for Ruger....

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    trigger Q

    The inner workings of a S&W revolver are not for the inexperienced to meddle with. You must know what you are doing to avoid making it unsafe. Do yourself a favor and leave the job to a competent professional.
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    I would recommend you get Kuhnhausen's book and read it first.
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    Trigger pull :

    Unless you are familiar with the complete assembly and disassembly of these firearms and how the parts function, this is best left to a trained gunsmith.

    Just a little too much polishing or improper filing of a part and you either get an unreliable firearm or have to but new factory parts to start all over again. S&W is pretty proud of their hammers & triggers to just tinker with them.

    Replacing springs is always better than cutting springs as there is a science to the lock, unlock and function of heat treated gun springs.

    JMHO :cool: