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    What's a good trigger pull for a bolt-action hunting rifle? Let's assume both that it's got an AccuTrigger and that it doesn't have an AccuTrigger. If it's overwhelmingly better to have an AccuTrigger then I want to know, though I'd still like input on trigger pull without it.

    Safety? (bumping it on accident)
    Any other comments; I wanna know why that trigger pull is the perfect amount.

    Thanks everyone
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    I have all mine set for 22 pounds. When the deer see me grunting and struggling to pull the trigger with both hands, they are laughing too hard to run.:D

    Seriously, around 2.5-3 pounds. I DO have varmint rifles that are much less, and some set trigger rifles that run about the weight of a butterfly's kiss, BUT- those are used from a bipod or shooting support, more like a benchrest than carrying a rifle in the field. Gloves can make getting a finger into guard without an AD tricky if you have one of those "wish it off" trigger pulls.

    That set works for me- YMMV. Light enough to break without disturbing my aim, soild enough to reduce the "WHOOPS!" factor. My best man had a set trigger drilling that, when set, I could not get my finger inside the guard without tripping. That was scary. said thanks, no thanks. Think that rifle could be fired by a sunbeam falling on the trigger.
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    The first stage of the Acutrigger works like another safety. you can have the trigger set for 6 oz and you can bump it drop it and it wont go off.You cant usualy do that with a regular trigger. What was said before of the 2 1/2-3 lbs trigger for hunting is a good weight. I would not go lighter than this for a hunting rifle.
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    Awesome, much appreciated yall